What Inspired One Woman to Wear The Same Outfit Two Months

@Marinatestino (IG)

@Marinatestino (IG)

Written and edited by Aly Reinert and Aurora Hinz

Could you wear the same outfit for two months in a row? What about breaking the unspoken law of posting the same outfit more than once on your Instagram? Well, model, activist, and founder of capsule fashion brand Point Off View, Marina Testino did and she had been slaying every day in her hot-red power suit. In her last Instagram post during the challenge (featured above) Marina writes,

"Last day of #onedresstoimpress with this project I wanted to show people that one outfit can be styled in different ways ad change your look. There's no need to constantly be buying NEW stuff.. just be creativeand find fun ways to rewear outfits...".

Since creating the challenge there are over 200 posts of others who attempted the #onedresstoimpress challenge. Admittedly, a few of these are from our very own esa volunteers who all participated in the challenge in hopes to promote concious consumerism last July. Aly Reinert, a regular voice in esa's online magazine got to interview Ms. Testino about her inspirations, her journey in becoming more sustainable, and her personal goals. 

While it remains uncertain if/when the rest of the fashion industry will catch on to the fact that newness and waste always go hand-in-hand, people like Marina Testino, who use their social media platform to promote values and practices that help out our fellow humans and our planet  restore our hope for the future of fashion.  

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M. Reinert: Where were you at in your journey towards living a conscious lifestyle when you started this challenge? Was there something else that you have gone through or discovered in your life that lit a fire in you and pushed to take something like this on?

M. Testino: I’ve always been very conscious about living a more sustainable lifestyle in most aspects of my life but with fashion, it took being in the industry for me to realize that I could do more. My family was always a part of the fashion world but when I started getting more involved, it meant I was constantly running around going from one event to another, changing outfits in between. One day, I simply got tired of having the pressure to look different everywhere I went. This is when I thought, “why do I have to choose something new for every event, what if I chose to wear the same thing every time.” Choice doesn’t always have to mean choosing something new, and it has been totally liberating choosing NOT to choose.

M. Reinert: What do you want to be known for/how do you want to make your mark in the world of fashion or just in the world? What is your purpose that drives you?

M. Testino: I am a very creative person so I want to bring something new and unique to the fashion industry. I also want that something to be a positive and meaningful contribution. I am still working on figuring out what that is but taking a more sustainable approach with my image and brand and creating projects like this is the first step.

M. Reinert: Has the challenge inspired you to dress differently going forward? Has the challenge inspired you to design differently going forward or encouraged any positive changes in your company?

M. Testino: This challenge has definitely inspired me to make a change in my own life. I am a lot more conscious when I shop now and only buy trends that I really love and will make me happy. It has also inspired me to make a change in my own brand Point Off View; people will be able to see these changes and a more sustainable image of the brand when I launch my next capsule collection.

M. Reinert: What is the biggest take away from the challenge that you see yourself implementing into your daily life or into your brand?

M. Testino: The biggest take away was, again, that I will be a more conscious shopper from now on. This project also led me to think of other fun projects to keep promoting this idea of conscious consumerism, which I will be sharing with everyone soon!

Us at esa will be anxiously awaiting Ms. Testino's future endeavors and look forward to seeing more creative ways people will promote conscious consumerism in the future. This challenge is a perfect example of the ways sustainable fashion has the capabilities to become more accessible to everyone. With no high price tag or overly-academic lecture attache, this engaging challenge is worth trying out for those of you who aren't afraid to break the status-quo or prove old fashion myths wrong. Be sure to keep an eye out for our post on our volunteers' experiences taking on this fashion challenge. 

PS: If you decide to participate in this challenge be sure to tag all your posts with the #onedresstoimpress to help spread awareness for conscious consumerism!