Event Re-cap: Bros, Brews, and Buttons!

Written by Aurora Hinz

esa's first installation of our event series named "Not your Grandma's Sewing Circle" was a night of reflection on what sustainability means to different genders. During our "Bros, Brews, and Buttons" mending circle, Professor Beckendorf from the Fashion Institute of Technology gave us facts about how men define sustainability. Professor Beckendorf also promoted discussion through open-ended questions about what the attendees thought they knew about the subject matter - or what they had personally experienced. All twelve attendees at the Whiskey Barrel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and filed out an impact survey at the end of the event. 

After a great night of valuable discussions, learning, and fun here is what resulted from that survey and great action shots of everyone hard at work! 

I believe the material depicted at tonight’s event was well presented and was as someone who is not normally immersed or aware in issues in the fashion and clothing industry, the issues and talking points were presented in a clear and concise manner. keep up the good work!

All who attended said they found value in what was discussed, and what they were participating in throughout the night. 

Honestly, just talking about real problems was really valuable. I think that in many ways people caring about the world and it’s really nice to know that we can still have intellectual discussions about stuff like this. I loved being a part of the group of people that were here tonight
The role of gender in fashion is obviously, and even more so in sustainable fashion. Being aware of this is immensely helpful to change the tide of the industry around.

Last but not least...

Thank you to all of the wonderful attendees in the building that night! Your contribution feedback is always appreciated.