How esa Team Members Make Their Closets Meaningful (And How You Can Too!)

Julia Valencikova: Co-Founder


I love treating every new clothing piece I bring into my closet as a new life I have to care for. 

A question I always ask myself is: Am I ready to be responsible for this new piece? 

By responsible for I mean treat it in a way that will keep it around for the longest time possible and make sure if my time with the piece is up, I'm doing that responsibly as well! I make sure that none of my clothes go into landfill and rather I pass it along to someone or transform it to further its lifespan! 

My two most favorite and meaningful pieces are a pair of high rise jean shorts (found at a vintage shop) that fit me like a glove. My striped t-shirt is the softest thing I own (found at buffalo exchange) and brings me comfort. Both pieces are basic essentials and I love them the most because I can wear them in so many ways with many things. I treat both pieces as living things in my closet in order to keep them around for what I hope can be forever! 

Taylor Koontz: Head of PR


I make my clothing meaningful by trying to only buy items when I feel like there's a gap in my wardrobe and the piece of clothing I want would help fill that gapmaking my closet more functional and complete! I try not to buy too many items that have a similar pattern or silhouette, because I usually will pick favorites and leave the lesser of the two in the dust. When I shop with a purpose, I'm more likely to wait until I find the perfect piece, hold onto it for years, and take care of it so that it lasts. 

My two favorite and most meaningful pieces (for the summer at least) are both thrifted! The first is a pair of thrifted jeans that I cut into shorts. I love them because they're super high waisted, fit me like a glove, and have distressed beautifully over time! I wear them at least once a week. My second item is a v-neck tank top that has a really cool geometric print on it! It's so well made, even my Product Development professor at FIT complemented me for it when I wore it to class. It's really flattering on and makes me feel good when I wear it, and the fabric is thin so it's perfect for hot days! 

Aurora Hinz: Head of Mag


My wardbrobe is all very curated and most of my clothing can be thrown together into outfits without even looking at what you're picking up. I tend to stick with the same color scheme - natural colors, dark colors, or cool colors. One of my favorite things about clothing is that it is representative of the people who wear it. This means that in reality, some of my favorite pieces are old ratty sweatshirts that used to be my boyfriend's or some of my old friend's gifts from people I don't get to see much anymore. I try and give my clothes sentimental meaning by thinking about who I was with when I bought the pieces and where I wore them (if it was a cool event, or a really fun and memorable night etc.). I find that when I think about where I wore my clothing it gets harder for me to get rid of. I'm also pretty superstitious and if, for example, I experience alot of luck in one day, a normal t-shirt just might turn into my lucky t-shirt. 

Right now, one of my favorite pieces is something I found pretty recently while thrifting with my best friend at Beacon's Closet. It's this super long button-up with a pattern I love, and colors that were everything I needed. I am very picky when it comes to patterns so finding something I genuinely liked that did not just involve a black t shirt with black jeans was a breakthrough moment. This is an example of one of my few statement pieces that I hold onto because it was such a fun night out with my pal AND because I love that this random find was exactly my style. It's super fun and can be worn a thousand different ways. It makes it fun to experiment, but also reminds me of my friend and the feeling of great thrifts. 

Aly Reinert: Contributing Writer, Featured Artist, Educator


I’ve always had the mindset when I buy something new that I am committed to it for the long haul. For this reason I have spent my life accumulating new things over time and often having a tough time getting rid of them! Growing up I had to wear a uniform to school from kindergarten until senior year of high school, so I have also learned to master the art of accessorizing the same thing differently in order to achieve a new or interesting look each day. So I would say I make my clothing meaningful by viewing each garment as versatille and imagining it being worn in many different ways before it ever leaves my wardrobe. I also have a certain level of respect for my clothing knowing that each piece may go through several phases of life with me.

My two favorite pieces are a fuzzy sweater and my fringy jean shorts. The sweater is a drop shoulder style, it makes me feel comfy and cute at the same time. It was a sample that didn’t work out at the company I used to work for. It sat in the back of the dead sample racks for weeks as I passed it and admired it each day. Then came time for the in office sample sale where my crazed co-workers and I dug through racks of old samples during our lunch hour, buying each for $3 before the office got rid of them for good and they ended up God knows where. I just happen to find this sweater and I knew it was fate! I’ll definitely own it forever. The jean shorts are from L Train Vintage. I bought them and then adjusted the waist to fit me so they are super comfortable and the fringe makes them all the more fun to wear!

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