do + brew Finds to Celebrate Spring Covered in Cherry Blossoms!

The average U.S. citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing every year. do + brew is an esa event where we celebrate extending the lifetime of our clothing. By swapping, mending, and learning D.I.Ys we are saving clothing from hitting landfill and starting a conversation about the impact of our conscious choices!

The outfits in these photos are 100% sourced from esa's latest Spring Cleaning do + brew!

2018-05-07 09.27.01 1.jpg

    Silk navy striped button up shirt found at spring cleaning do + brew.   


2018-05-20 10.30.54 1.jpg
2018-05-20 10.30.54 1.jpg

  This pair of pants was actually mine, that I purchased at Crossroads Trading in the city! Crossroads Trading is a buy, sell, trade with two locations in NYC. That means this pair of pants has had not one, not two, but three lives! Talk about clothing staying out of the landfill!

2018-05-14 03.38.18 1.jpg
2018-05-14 03.34.26 1.jpg

I decided to donate the pants to esa's do + brew because I never wore them. They sat on the bottom of my pants pile, untouched, for two whole years. No wonder why Souhair had no idea they were mine when she swapped for them!

Turns out they were 100% right for Souhair. She LOVES the color blue and totally rocked them at Prospect Park, the perfect place to escape the cement and get grounded with mother earth by getting your feet dirty. 

2018-05-07 09.24.40 1.jpg

 photographed + written by Julia Valencikova

2018-05-07 09.10.59 1.jpg

   Vintage white cotton strawberry print maxi dress. 

This white dress was previously owned by Taylor, 
esa's core volunteer making an impact on the world
every day. She thrifted this dress in Virginia, her home state.
I dream of seeing the country through its diners and thrift stores,
but until then I can swap with friends from all over!