7 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe - Do+Brew Style

By Rachel Brosman and Aurora Hinz

Feeling the urge to go shopping? Don’t give in to fast fashion and over-consumption. I promise, your current wardrobe is full of possibilities. Check out these seven tips below to turn your least favorite garments into your go-to pieces, and join us at esa’s signature Do+Brew event for comprehensive tutorials on all the pieces shown below!

When it comes to D.I.Y. there are no rules and you can make the piece the way YOU want it! Don’t let a fast fashion label dictate your look and limit your personality this spring and instead come out and experience a D.I.Y party unlike any other with esa on April 14th from 4pm-8pm. Experienced D.I.Y’ers can’t wait to lend their tips and tricks. D.I.Y is always more fun with friends around you. Complimentary brews in the form of beer and coffee will be provided as well as some bad ass tunes from our DJ!



1. Add patches or Patches

Patches are super easy to iron on, and they look especially cool on anything denim. You can find some seriously cool ones at vintage stores.

Check out this video that shows you how to apply patches!

Pins are another great addition to jackets and accessories. They are a great way to express your interests and values through imagery and words. Etsy has some dope trendy pins. (Support small businesses!) On this black destructed denim jacket, Rachel added a few pink pins for a pop of color.

2. Cut it! Turn Your Tees Into Tote and produce Bags or a Completely New Trendy Top

This can seriously make the world of a difference. Crop it, change the neckline, chop off the sleeves. It’s crazy how much just a pair of scissors can do. Always make sure to save the extra fabric for other projects or dispose of them responsibly at a textile drop off bin.  

Another great way to revamp your wardrobe AND cut down on plastic waste is by cutting your old t-shirts into tote bags. You could use these to replace plastic produce bags, like the one depicted, or to carry around all your daily necessities.

3. Embroider it

You can make patterns, write words, or use colorful and sparkly beads. It’s seriously easier than you’d think, even for people who don’t usually have good luck with crafts. esa’s spring cleaning do+brew will have an entire station dedicated to embroidery. Just in case you can’t make it to our event (although you gotta… avoid major FOMO… seriously we mean it guys) here’s how to do 7 easy embroidery stitches!  

4. Distress Your Jeans

Not feeling your old pair of skinnies? Add rips, fringe, and patches to give them a major fashion upgrade. Rachel added gold metallic fabric to the back and front pocket on a pair of denim shorts that were thrifted. Her tip is to find lace, flannel, or any pattern that speaks to you.

At do+brew we will be showing you how to distress, make fringe trims, patch holes and more!

5. Replace the buttons

Go to your local craft store to find super cute buttons. Sewing it on is super easy! This is a perfect unisex way to make any clothing item feel brand new. Accessorize with your new button bling! Join as at do + brew to learn how to sew on buttons, a great tool to use to fix damaged clothes.

6. Wear Mens’ Clothes

Who said women can’t wear men’s clothes? Break gender rules using this next trick for button down shirts. In these photos, our CEO Willa is seen modeling the two ways we’ll teach you how to steal your man’s fashion at do + brew on April 14th!

7. Paint it!

Painting on your old clothing is always a classic way to refresh any tired piece. You could take a more modern-art spin and splatter your paint all over your piece. No fancy art skills needed for some awesome splatter. Easy, peasy, cool. The possibilities are endless with creativity, paint, and some old clothing!