Thrifted Thursday: Cut-Offs & A Vintage Tee

Vintage Tee// Vintage denim cut-offs// The Lair belt// Converse Sneakers

This outfit is the definition of weekend essentials for me. In the summer I'm always in denim shorts and a graphic t-shirt or crop. Finding these babies however was not easy. It took a lot of searching across thrift stores full of irregularly sized shorts (as can be expected). I recommend finding a quality vintage store that has expertise in cut-offs; Thriftwares is my favorite and where I got the pair pictured. They take vintage jeans and cut them themselves to get the perfect pit across multiple sizes, and are able to help you find ones that will work for you. The Vintage Twin is another great option if you're looking for a perfect fitting pair. Last but not least you can always cut a pair of jeans yourself. Take a pair you love and a pair of jeans you don't, and line them up at the waist. Mark where the cut-offs end on the jeans, and cut along the line. Then you can distress as desired. Voila, say hello to legs for days.


Shot by @NycWzrd