Thrifted Thursday: Smells Like Teen Angst

thrifted top/ vintage belt/ madewell jeans/ thrifted sneakers/ all jewelry from thrift or local artisans

I want to talk about different looks and how they affect people. I get the idea that most people feel they need to have one image that they conform to and that they need to stick with it. You may think you can't be the girl who wears red lipstick and a leather jacket if you're more like the girl who reads big books in even bigger sweaters. I'm here to tell you however, that you CAN have it all (aesthetically speaking). You'll find this with every look I post; sometimes I'm grungy and throw it back to the 90's (as seen above) with mesh, messy buns, and dark makeup. But sometimes I'm chillin' in a coffee shop or the library with my glasses on and a comfy cardigan. You don't have to choose if you don't want to, you don't need to conform to just one "look". I've found the best way to do that is by shopping locally and thrifting. You can still find trendier pieces but you get to test your brain to find out what you truly like, versus being bombarded with the noise of fast fashion and chain stores. Enjoy fashion, enjoy yourself, and explore your individual style.

Shot by NYCwzrd