Thrifted Thursday: Something Borrowed, Something thrifted, Something Vintage





Borrowed or stolen clothing or accessories can
sometimes be that little bit extra your closet needs.
I’m not talking about shoplifting from your
favorites stores, but instead taking a
second look at a bag of clothes your friends were
planning to donate or sell, pursuing your
boyfriend’s drawers, or sneaking a peek in your
mom or grandma’s closets. With (hopefully) their
permission, you can turn something
that hasn’t been used in years into something
with a newly found sentimental value. A man’s
oversized white button down can be a chic
sundress when belted at the waist, and an old
prep-school uniform can have a second life as fun
and fierce power blazer (seen here). Decades
of fun await to be uncovered, so go do
some good snooping.


Thrifted blazer/ Banana Republic button down shirt and leather pants/
Vintage purse/ Borrowed boots from mom’s closet

Post by Guest writer and Contributor: Amanda Farr