Thrifted Thursday: save water and shop thrifted denim

This clutch was the find of a lifetime when I first got it (and in my
opinion still is). I found it one summer maybe three years ago in a
high-end consignment shop back in Boston. It's a beautiful piece that
shows it age in the pocket book silhouetteand slightly yellowed
sequins. These are all things I love and live with for the sake of
having a piece of fashion history (although most high-end vintage
pieces can be restored by a cobbler or tailor). I like to mix old
treasures (clutch) with modern basics (striped top), as well expensive
(leather pants) with inexpensive ($5 denim jacket from Savers- a.k.a.
total score). This allows for outfit maximization, which is crucial
when you want to make the most out of your closet.

Thrifted Denim Jacket/ Madewell Top/ Banana Republic Pants/ Vintage
Thrifted YSL clutch/ Thrifted Booties

Post by Guest writer and Contributor: Amanda Farr