esa's classes + events!

from lectures to d.i.y workshops we have a little something for everyone!
take a look at the different classes we offer below

Fashion Addicts Anonymous: weekly community led forums diving into personal experiences of the fashion industry from our diverse group of consumers, makers, and industry professional participants. 

Ripped at the Seams:
monthly industry expert/professor-led conversational lectures delving deep into issues in fashion and what solutions we can create together. 

Not Your Grandma’s Sewing Circle: monthly mending and DIY workshops with thought provoking discussions and time to connect with the esa community. 


Our signature events:

Do + Brew: a seasonal d.i.y. (do it yourself) party to dip your toes in d.i.y and mending activities. The average U.S. citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing every year. Learn how to transform your old clothing into something new while sipping on some brews and listening to some tunes, and save clothing from hitting landfill! 

Conscious Shopping Tours: seasonal small ethical shopping groups visit various NYC neighborhoods, offering styling advice and responsible shopping tips. We partner with conscious boutiques and vintage shops, that offer exclusive deals or gifts. follow along and shop all things sustainable and ethical while also creating connections and friendships.



we are always looking for dedicated conscious consumers to lead our FAA forums, skilled makers to lead workshops and experts to lead lectures and discussions. email if you're interested in pushing the conscious fashion movement forward!